meet muyiwa

Meet Muyiwa


Muyiwa started Forever Day Photos in 2005, with the intent of simply becoming an amazing wedding photographer. That went really well, until his clients started having other major life events like milestone birthday parties, vow renewals, awards ceremonies, graduations, baby bumps and newborns!

While Muyiwa really wanted to stick with just weddings, he really loves his clients and wanted to be part of all their special moments, and they wanted him there also, and so was started to be the non-wedding section of the business, and has been thriving ever since!

Weddings are Muyiwa’s first love, but like children, you love all of them the same, and now he has many first loves. It’s so much fun creating beautiful images in different scenarios, and it is never a boring day at the office. No such thing as business as usual, as he has even made pictures from drones, as well as underwater with a waterproof camera rig, serious swimming skills and surprisingly good breathing technique.

Above all, Muyiwa would like you to know its incredibly hard to write about yourself in the third person.

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